Why mera solar?

mera solar team is knowledgeable, technical and reliable. We work with many suppliers to acquire best panels, batteries and inverters to install perfect solar systems for our customers. Our promise is to provide systems with 20 years of warranty.


We buy bulk amounts in wholesale to give at good price. Our ability to custom design systems provides the flexibility to select a suitable system for your unique needs. Professionally customized systems for your specific needs will save you Time and Money. In addition to custom solar design systems, we offer pre-assembled system packages with safe, high quality components. They come in various sizes, which are appropriate for homes, businesses or industries.


We supply excellent panels, batteries, inverters, meters and accessories to withstand various weather conditions and seasons. Our systems work very well in rainy, snow and windy conditions. Our well trained staff are kept up-to-date on latest product developments. Our staff has the ability to connect the systems “end-to-end” i.e. from Panels, Inverters, Meters and Batteries. Our systems are wired and tested with highest quality components to save you time and money. Great customer service before and after the installation.


Our large inventory of components, packaged systems, and office location allow us to fulfill your orders quickly. We have many dealers in India to install your system quickly. We design and sell solar energy systems quickly for residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial purposes.

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