Mahatma Gandhi said, villages are backbone of India. Many of us are born in villages and became so successful in life. Isnít it our turn to help our villages? India is facing an energy crisis and at least 400 million rural residents lack access to any form of electricity and 90 million households still use kerosene to cook their food and light up their homes. Shortages of coal, oil and natural gas will require India to import increasing amounts of high-cost fossil fuels, risking inflation and putting more pressure on India's yawning budget deficit.

In many villages, there is absolutely no power during summer hot times. During nights, children can not study and prepare for their important exams. Please join hands to help our underprivileged villages by donating a solar system. We are happy to work with NRIs, NGOs, Businesses, Corporations and Individuals to install solar systems in villages.

While the technology for setting up Solar energy systems is widely available in India, we are now bringing it to serve rural needs. We hope that more people will soon benefit from it and many needs among people living in poverty in rural areas will be met.

With your help, we can solarify libraries, schools, street lights, study centers etc., in our villages.

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